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Packaged For Fucking – Little Cunt Gets Wet

Packaged up and unable to move the submissive Alison Rapture stays face down ass up as Richard Nailder spanks her for being a nasty hussy while playing with her tight little cunt. Download more scenes of Glass mannequin’s Alison Rapture here.

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This Pierced slut gets all wet as the old man has her sexy body saran wrapped while sliding his big erection in and out of her tight little cunt.

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Being tied up is nothing new for this amateur porno star , so when the old man presented his fat erection in front of the sexy brunette she knew what to do…suck that dick like her freedom depended on it.  view free trailer and or  download full video.

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Ooo Fuck is right, you can tell this naughty girl is enjoying every hard thrust that the old man pounds into her wet throbbing little cunt. Keeping the submissive hussy in place by holding the back of her neck, the old man is making sure that Alison takes every inch of his big dick!! To see this hussy get unwrapped download full video

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Real homemade sex scenes of local teenage teens – brought to you by the perverts at Glass Mannequin, Real Colorado Girls and Bring Me your Sister.

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Jack’s Hot Little Sister – Wet Cunt Vids

Jack’s little sister owes him $600 for scratching his ride up. Not having any way to pay him back the cash, he decides to take her to the old man and see what he thinks of .Logan Daniels Liking what he see the old man agrees to pay the $600 but with only one catch… He gets to fuck Jack’s little sister while he shoots the whole thing. To see how nasty these three can get Download full movie.

Jack pimps his little sister

Jack pimps his little sister

Bending over this naughty sister shows her brothers just how unspoiled her round butt looks and how tight her pretty pink wet little cunts is.. To see more of the perverted brothers point of view Join Bring Me Your Sister

Tight ass and Tight pussy

Tight butt and Tight pussy

Richard had better plans for Jacks little sister, bending the hot blonde over the old man pounds her firm butt making Logan Daniels toes curl with pure pleasure. To see more of this cute sister getting fuck while her brother watches Join Bring Me Your Sister.

Jack gets a better look

Jack gets a better look

To see more nasty brothers getting retribution on their little sister join Bring Me Your Sister or visit papafreeporn

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Cuntmunching Girlfriends – Hot Wet Cunt

These two very sexy cuntmunching girlfriends entertain each other in the green house one summer day after a long morning. Abigail Blower fucking loves the taste of Alison Raptures’ tight cunt as the sexy tramp drills her fingers in and out. Alisons’ moans get louder as she bites her lip and grinds with the motion of her fingers.

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Now, it’s Abigails’ turn to be pleased. Alison nibbles on her pretty pink pierced nipples and starts to rub her clit while Abigail is on her knees.

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Alison final gets a taste of Abigails’ dripping wet wet cunt. She rolls her green tongue ring all over this tart clit. Sucking the lips she begins to finger Abigail for round 2! View Free Trailer.

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These two sexy flirty teenage girls talk to the camera after they gratify each other. Shockingly, that was Abigails’ first on-screen teen on teen shoot, I think we can all agree.. she LOVED it!  See full homemade sex shoots at Real Colorado Girls.

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Real homemade sex shoots of local teenage coeds – brought to you by the perverts at Glass Mannequin, Real Colorado Girls and Bring Me your Sister.

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New Premium Site From Gmp – Real Colorado Teenagers – Shaved Cunt

Glass Mannequin Productions (GMP) is proud to announce it’s newest addition to it’s premium membership sites. Real Colorado Girls features real nasty amateur coeds form fucking and sucking the way only coeds can. Stop by and see the exploits of the these nasty Colorado teens – no fake knockers or no overly touched up photos just real teenagers like you might meet at the local mall.

Real Colorado Girls teen amateur girlfriend xxx pufp gnd alct

Most of these films were taken as we just hung out and chilled – good fucking doesn’t really need a reason. It makes it nicer when the teenagers really lust after your cock.

All of our teenagers fuck for fun and most of them come back for more than one hard fucking. The nice thing about our site is the teenagers are really fucking – no acting her – just good old fashioned sex between friends.

Some of our teenagers prefer to fuck teenagers so plan on some real hot lesbian cunt-munching. Our teenagers love babe-on-babe action and do a good job of keeping each other happy – no fake lesbian sets here!

And of course, most of the films are by the teenagers themselves – or I hold the camera as I slide my good-sized pecker in their tight coed pussies. But once in a while – I catch a babe with a hidden camera – is that a bad thing?

So, if you like real teens having real lesbian and hardcore sex, the be sure to check out Real Colorado Girls. And be sure to let us know what you think!


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Little Sister Pulls Her Undies To The Side – Wet Little Cunt

To watch this sexy little cunt pull her underpants to the side for the dirty old man as her brother is only inches away with a camera Join Bring Me Your Sister where brothers get the most ultimate payback on their dumb little sisters…..

Little Sister Pulls Her Panties To The Side

Little Sister Pulls Her underpants To The Side

To see more sexy little sisters like Kyanna Raves Join Bring Me Your Sister and get FREE access to Glass Mannequin and Real Colorado Girl

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Thena Sky – Oral Sex Orgasm – Warm Little Cunt

That’s right – “Oh God lick that wet little cunts” truly did find it’s way past the sensuous lips of the amazing beauty Thena Sky as I was lying under her, her cotton panties pulled to the side, her sweet smelling butterfly wet little cunts smothering my face, my tongue playing a steady rhythm on her fat clit as I preformed the art of carpet munching on this amazing Glass Mannequin original – Ms. Thena Sky – one of my first adult models and a undamaged friend. Thena and I have made love enough together to have a pretty good idea of what the other person likes – and I can attest to the fact that Thena can, and does, have clitoral orgasms – both through oral stimulation and through the use of sex-toys. In fact, members of Glass Mannequin can download more shoots of Thena Sky cumming that anywhere else on the internet. But back to my story…..

Thena and I had decided to fuck – and why not film it and put it on Glass Mannequin? This was not a planned shoot so we had no crew so I set up a few cameras on tripods and proceeded to make love to Thena as if the cameras weren’t there. Little did I know, Thena had been watching herself in the viewfinder of the camera by the lamp – and as both an exhibitionist and a voyeur, watching herself in the camera’s itty bitty screen was turning Thena on even more. The combined effect of the mental stimuli and the clitoral stimulation created ever more powerful waves of pleasure and the skinny brunette pressed her pelvis firmly against my face – forcing her now fully engorged clit hard against my tongue as it drummed a steady rhythm and the fingers of my right hand gently massages her soft wet meat curtains as they teased her dripping wet wet little cunts.

As the first wave of her orgasm peaked Thena pulled away – her fat clit too sensitive to take much more – holding her down on my face, I felt her warmth as I coaxed her to the second, and much stronger climax in her ever-increasing waves of pleasure swept over her body. Collapsing together we rested for a bit then I fucked her hard and came deep inside her wet little cunt – I knew we had not only had undamaged sex and amazing orgasms, we had also made a undamaged film to put on Glass Mannequin for you to all enjoy.

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Horny Teen Loves Old Meat – Make My Cunt Wet

There’s few things in this world that are more rewarding then grabbing a camera and making a real homemade sex movie with a sexy teen mother I’d like to fuck and the guys at Real Colorado Girls are as good as they come when it comes to getting cute teenagers to make homemade porno movies. In their most recent release, the ideal Indica Young, an small young mom from Colorado Springs, takes her turn holding the camera as she gets fucked by a much older man – here are a few free sample vids from their homemade shoot.

In the first vid, the horny young 95lb mom is unclothed on the bed teasing the old bastard as she plays with the camera. For those of you that have never met the ideal Indica Young, you’re in for a treat – this tiny babe knows how to suck and fuck a fat penis like no other – the ultimate bitch and a letter-perfect partner in the sack.

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In the second vid, we get to see exactly how talented this little bitch is as she wraps her fingers and her lips around the old man’s thick penis. Imagine yourself holding the camera as she works the head of your penis with her mouth – then sign up for Real Colorado Girls and live the fantasy for real.

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But Indica has more then the fine mouth – this sexy teen mom has a fat little wet little cunts just waiting to be stuffed. In this homemade movie vid, the old man fingers the small sandy’s wet little butterfly-wet little cunts as she strokes the old man’s fat penis.  Download the full shoot here.

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Now that she’s “primed” Indica shows us why she’s rated as a “Grade-A Cocksucker” by every old man she’s ever blown – this young lady knows how to suck a penis! Members get access to over 15 clips and hq photo sets of Indica.

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But to be a good homemade sex shoot – you need some sex – and it helps if your partner is willing to hold the camera while you focus on pounding her teen cunt. I love this vid because it shows how tiny Indica really is – hell, the camera is bigger than she is – LOL. View the free trailer here.

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So you wanted to see what it looks like from her camera angle – well here’s a vid from their homemade sex movie where she was holding the camera. Looks a bit difficult to hold the camera still as you’re being slammed balls-deep by a mammoth penis but the babe manages OK and well…. yum – wish it was my penis fucking her little teen cunt.   Download the full shoot here

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One thing that separates fake production porno from real amateur movies is the teenagers natural o-face expressions and Indica Young is a natural on camera. My friend at Real Colorado Girls says she’s actually a bit more animates with the cameras off but this teen bitch sure enjoys a fat penis burred deep in her teenage cunt. I love the way she bits her lips and moans “fuck” halfway through this vid. See how much penis the small Indica Young can really take by joining Real Colorado teenagers today.

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I guess the old bastard couldn’t hold back because there appears to be a load of old-man cum dripping from her cunt. Yup – in real homemade move tradition, the old man gave the young mom a creampie to remember him by – and it loks like she enjoyed it! Hopefully she doesn’t get pregnant again :0….   Indica Young – A Real Colorado Girls exclusive.

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Real homemade sex movies of local teenage teenagers – brought to you by the perverts at Glass Mannequin, Real Colorado Girls and Bring Me your Sister.

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Two Froward Neighbor Coeds – Cunt Shoots

New video up on Glass Mannequin featuring two of my froward neighbor babes fighting over my schlong – I’ve even added a free gallery of the two sluts taking turns on my throbbing schlong then back to tasting each others wet teen wet cunt. It all started innocent enough in what was to be the babes first carpet-muncher experience together but soon turned into two bitches fighting over the same bone…..  The dark haired, Violet Little was the first of the bitches to get boned – and she managed to take it all without missing a devour on her redhead girlfriends sweet teen wet little cunts – then Alison Rapture returned the favor.

Two Naughty Neighbor Girls

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Butterfly Haze – Cunt Clips

18 year old Butterfly Haze had never been with an older an before and was real nervous about her first old-young sex film for Glass Mannequin and asked that we do a set with no crew there so she could relax a little. I agreed and sent our camera-teen house, setting two cameras on tripods and keeping a camera handy for a few POV shots.  To help the hard-bodied tattooed and pierced teenager relax a bit more, I gave her a back massage.

Butterfly Haze - First Old-Young Porn


Butterfly Haze – Removes Her Shirt In Her First porn With An Older Man

I was soon massaging her firm little hooters, imagining what it would be like to slide my fat meat deep into this cute teenager’s small little cunt. I then proceeded to pull the cute teenager’s jeans off, exposing her pink thong and a neatly shaved pink teenager pussy and her little pierced clit.

Butterfly Haze - Pierced Navel and Pink Panties


Butterfly Haze – Pierced Navel and Pink Panties

Butterfly Haze has one of the prettiest little cunt I’d ever seen and I was more then ready to see if it tasted as sweet and it looked. Sliding my thumb into her pink depths, I could feel her little pussy contracting on my thumb as I stroked her pierced clit with my fingers. She would soon be ready for her first old meat. Download the full scene on Glass Mannequin today.

Butterfly Haze - Spreads Her Legs For The Old Man


Butterfly Haze – Spreads Her Legs For The Old Man

I had already shot Butterfly in a number of solo and teen-teen clips and picture sets but this was the first time I had ever tasted her sweet pussy and it was also the first time the cute brown haired had ever seen the erect meat of a man my age, let alone allow the old bastard play with her unequaled perky hooters, with their pierced nipples perched on top like little pink jelly-beans just waiting to be sucked. But I was here to fuck her small cunt so I handed her the camera, and guided my fat meat slowly into the warmth of her shaved teenager pussy. She winced in pain – not only was this her first old-young video, Butterfly Haze had never even fucked a real man-sized meat before and now she was wondering how in the world she was going to fit that fat meat all the way in her small little little cunt. Butterfly Haze was about to have her first substantial meat.

Butterfly Haze - First Old Cock


Butterfly Haze – First Old Cock

But she managed, just barely, and not without a little pain to take every last inch of my now fully-engorged meat. Somewhere in the scene, after fucking the small teenager for a small time, the small brown haired whispered that she couldn’t take much more…..  So I looked down at her unequaled body, focused on the sensation of her super-tight pussy milking my meat, the feeling of my balls slapping on her firm round butt and got ready to cover the little harlot in a substantial load of old-man semen – then posted her old-young audition on Glass Mannequin for your viewing pleasure.

Butterfly Haze - First Big Cock


Butterfly Haze – First substantial Cock

A few more strokes on her pink little cunt, my balls slapping on her firm teenager butt, I pulled out just in time to cover her unequaled tight tummy with semen – the first few drops dripping slowly out of her cunt where I had deposited them, creampie style, and the rest smeared all over her shaved little wet cunt and her sexy tummy. Butterfly haze had just been fucked by an older man with a fat meat – for the very first time. And she would be coming back for more! See all her smut by joining Glass Mannequin today

Butterfly Haze - First Huge Cock


Butterfly Haze – First whopping Cock

See Butterfly Haze covered in semen – only on Glass Mannequin

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Facial Surprise – Make Me Wet

There’s something about covering the faces of cute coeds with sperm that turns me on and when I say the new vids of Delilah Daze and Richard Nailder  I had to join Glass Mannequin to see the entire clip – including the facial surprise at the end.

Delilah Daze Facial Surprise

Delilah Daze Facial Surprise

In this crazy outdoor clip, the much older Richard Nailder catches the dwarf Delilah Daze reading in the back yard and proceeds to turn her day into a surprise facial fest.  Of course, watching this cute brunette wince as the old bastard stuffs his fat erection deep in her tiny wet cunt is also quiet a turn-on in it’s own rite.  See it all – only on Glass Mannequin today.

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