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Oh God Devour That Little Wet Cunt – Hot Wet Cunt

That’s right – “Oh God lick that pussy” truly did find it’s way past the sensuous lips of the superior beauty Thena Sky as I was lying under her, her cotton undies pulled to the side, her sweet smelling butterfly wet cunt smothering my face, my tongue playing a steady rhythm on her puffy clitoris as I preformed the art of pussy eating on this superior Glass Mannequin original – Ms. Thena Sky – one of my first adult models and a superb friend. Thena and I have made love enough together to have a pretty good idea of what the other person likes – and I can attest to the fact that Thena can, and does, have clitoral orgasms – both through oral stimulation and through the use of sex-toys. In fact, members of Glass Mannequin can download more movies of Thena Sky cumming that anywhere else on the internet. But back to my story…..

Thena and I had decided to fuck – and why not film it and put it on Glass Mannequin? This was not a planned set so we had no crew so I set up a few cameras on tripods and proceeded to make love to Thena as if the cameras weren’t there. Little did I know, Thena had been watching herself in the viewfinder of the camera by the lamp – and as both an exhibitionist and a voyeur, watching herself in the camera’s petite screen was turning Thena on even more. The combined effect of the mental stimuli and the clitoral stimulation created ever more powerful waves of pleasure and the skinny brunette pressed her pelvis firmly against my face – forcing her now fully engorged clitoris hard against my tongue as it drummed a steady rhythm and the fingers of my right hand gently massages her soft wet pussy lips as they teased her dripping wet wet little cunts.

As the first wave of her orgasm peaked Thena pulled away – her puffy clitoris too sensitive to take much more – holding her down on my face, I felt her warmth as I coaxed her to the second, and much stronger climax in her ever-increasing waves of pleasure swept over her body. Collapsing together we rested for a bit then I fucked her hard and came deep inside her wet little cunt – I knew we had not only had superb sex and superior orgasms, we had also made a great video to put on Glass Mannequin for you to all enjoy.

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Camping Cuntmunchers – Little Cunt Images

Real Colorado Girls Butterfly Haze and Tasha Burke are two Colorado cuntmunchers that love the outdoors and what better way to have a little teen-on-teen alone time than to set up a tent in the woods and get bare? Real Colorado girls is all about real girls – these are girls that we personally know, amateur girls from our own neighborhood that love to get bare and show off their sexy bodies to their fans. Tasha has to be the ring-leader in this cunt-muncher camping trip but that doesn’t mean that Butterfly doesn’t know how to munch a wet little cunts – in fact, I think Butterfly is more into women than she admits – you tell me. Enjoy these few free images here or join Real Colorado Girls now and download the entire set of images.

Camping Cuntmunchers

All the images zipped

Camping Cuntmunchers

All the images zipped

Camping Cuntmunchers

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Kiri-starr Coed Sex Audition – Slippery Little Cunt

The skinny 18 year old brown haired Kiri Starr decided to do their first amateur teenager sex audition for Glass Mannequin right after the dirty little bitch turned 18. Kiri wasn’t sure about the cameras but she wanted her tight teenager little wet cunt licked and a hard throbbing schlong rammed inside of her tight little cunt. After watching her girlfriend getting fucked on camera, the little tramp decided she wasn’t leaving until the dirty old perv filmed her getting her tight little cunt licked and stretched. Kiri enjoys fucking and doesn’t mind going around the entire party giving blow jobs and fucking any schlong that the little teenager bitch can get her wet teenager little wet cunt around.

Kiri Starr Teen Hardcore Audition gnd xxxp kiristarr brunette skinny

Kiri Likes A Rough Fuck

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Thena Sky Busted While Masturbating Outdoors – Shaved Cunt

Thena Sky loves sex and when she can’t find a hard cock to fill her wet cunt this cute Colorado teenager just rubs on out – problem is, she likes to do it in public. Lucky for you, we follow her around with a camera and caught these voyeur photograph of her masturbating in the woods – enjoy the free samples of the skinny teen masturbating or join Real Colorado Girls and download all of the pictures.

Thena Sky Busted While Masturbating thenasky outdoor sfm brunette gnd teen shaved amateur

Thena Sky Busted While Masturbating

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Nasty Latina Hussy Likes Bad Boys – Wet Cunt Films

FaithVega amateur teen Latina brunette tattooed pierced pufp plts gnd xxx girlfriend gfI live to video teen sluts getting fucked and Faith Vega has a super clean teen pussy so I jumped at the chance to video Faith getting laid by her friend Demon. Lucky prick got to ram Faith’s tight Mexican Girl wet cunt pretty hard while all I got to do was sit there and take pics. I offered to help but she figured fucking an old mad wouldn’t be a much fun as fucking a tattooed and pierced thug like Demon.

Anyway it was Christmas Eve in Colorado Springs and this young couple wanted a little extra cash for Christmas so they showed up at my door ready to make a little amateur smut. We setup the basement bedroom and Faith started by sucking Demon’s cock until he got good and hard then he took a turn on her by running his pierced tongue deep into her tight Mexican Girl cunt. She moaned in pleasure as he worked his tongue studs over her clit and back into her sweet teen cunt. This dirty fucker knew how to please a girl and she was soon squirming on the bed as he licked her wet cunt. Now I like to see oral sex as much as the next guy but what I wanted to see now was a hard boner busting a tight teen wet cunt wide open.

Throwing his Latina teen slut back on the bed, Demon got right to the job of fucking her – she was plenty wet as he rammed his rock-hard boner deep into her wet cunt. Fuck me you prick, she moaned and he rammed her deeper and deeper. The sound of his balls slapping against her butt, was nearly drowned out by her constant moaning. The little bitch liked to be fucked hard – and Demon was up to the task – ramming her tight wet cunt from behind dogie style the flipping her over and giving the camera a impeccable view of his hard boner hammering her now sloppy-wet teen cunt. Fuck, I was getting wood just watching the sex show – so hard that I almost forgot to keep taking pics.

Quit your fuckin whimpering – I kept taking pics, hell, I wanted to jerk off to these perverted amateur smut pictures later on and I was sure as hell not going to miss taking pics of this super hot teen sex action. When I thought faith could take no more of Demons, boner-pounding, he rolled her over and shot a oversized load of hot spunk all over her side. Looking down, I saw that I has shot just over 200 hardcore pictures of this tattooed freak fucking Faith’s Mexican Girl cunt. I smiled, I had plenty of “jerk-off material” for later on.

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Two Babes And A Pecker – Wet Little Cunt

Three-some????Who doesn’t love a three-some? Especially when you have two sexy tramps like Smokie Flame and Jazmine Taylor in bed with you. This old man is about to have the time of his life with these sexy amateur smut stars.

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Smokie Flame And Jazmine Taylor Fuck The Old Man

Smokie Flame dives right it and shoves that fat erection into her sweet tight mouth. Jazmine Taylor waits eagerly on the side waiting for her chance to slob on the old mans knob. Sharing is caring so if you yearn for to see Smokie Flame of Glass Mannequin share that fat erection with the sexy Jazmine download full shoot.

Smokie Flame Jazmine Taylor Suck A Fat Dick

Smokie Flame Jazmine Taylor Suck A Fat Dick

With  Jazmine Taylor’s Landing strip laid out in front of him, he starts to fuck the shit of the little floozy as the sexy redhead gets on top of Jazmine’s face. Smokie Flame loves being eaten out by the sexy Jazmine while seeing the old mans fat erection slide in and out of her throbbing pussy. You can see more of these amateur smut stars. by Signing up wit Glass Mannequin and having full access to bring me your sister and Real Colorado coeds for the price of one.

Sexy Three-some

Sexy Three-some

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Balls-deep Vaginal Orgasms – Make Me Wet

As much as I love to watch coeds cumming there is nothing that beats the sensation of a chick cumming on your boner in a balls-deep vaginal orgasm – the kind of orgasm where the coeds squeaks every time your throbbing boner slams against her cervix, causing her vagina to squeeze your boner as you hammer deep in here pulsating wet cunt. This was actually Alison’s first ever hardcore video and the first time she had ever had a king-sized boner but this didn’t prevent her from having multiple orgasms during her first on-camera sex video. In fact, she was cumming as Richard Nailder pulled out and covered her in his own warm sticky orgasm juice. Only on Bring Me Your Sister.

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Amateur Latina Cocksucker – Wet Cunt Images

Mannequin Girl Joey Vargas had never done smut but this hot Mexican Girl with bfts was sure willing to give it a try – and in her smut audition she took to sucking cock like a duck takes to water. Of course, If you don’t like cock-sucking teenagers, then watching this large-titted Mexican Girl amateur stuff a fat cock down her throat might not be for you but if you’re like most warm-blooded men – watching a cute chick suck a immense cock can be a real turn-on.  As much as Joey loves to suck cock, this hard-bodied Mexican Girl mom loves to have one burried deep in her tight little shaved pussy even more.

amateur Latina cocksucker - sbj joeyvargas bfc oldny

Amateur Mexican Girl Cocksucker

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Fuck The Old Man – Shaved Little Cunt

I love teens that fuck old men – and the mischievous sandy Lainna White is just one of these mischievous sluts. In fact, this small sandy prefers a more experienced man over the young punks that hit on her in school. So when the guys at Glass Mannequin told me I could post these free coed smut shoots of the 18-year-old fucking a man older than her own father, I jumped at the chance – figured I’m not the only man out there that loves to see a tight coed pussy being split wide open by an older man’s fat cock. In fact, if you like to see young teens fucking old men, a membership at Glass Mannequin is just the ticket. Join today and start downloading old-and-young shoots from three superlative amateur coed sites just by joining Glass Mannequin – members get full access three amateur smut sites featuring hundreds of exclusive amateur smut shoots and thousands of HD images.

Fuck The Old Man

Download the full video

Fuck The Old Man

Download the full video

Fuck The Old Man

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Closeup Clip Of My Sister’s Wet Little Cunts – Hot Wet Cunt

Part 2 of “Payback’s A Mother Fucker”

As soon as her brother got hold of the camera you could tell that he wanted plenty of closeups of his sister’s naughty parts and most of all, closeups of his sister’s pussy. Lucky for us, we have no problem with a brother getting real close to his sister’s wet cunt and long as the sick fucker keeps his dick in his pants. Kirstoff managed to keep his dick in his pants but I sure as hell didn’t. As Kirstoff vids his sister for the first time, she pulled her little pink thong aside and I slowly slide my throbbing dick deep in her tight little cunt. I’m pretty sure her brother was enjoying this but to be honest – his sister’s wet cunt felt so good on my dick that I pretty much forgot that he was filming. I just wanted to fuck his sister harder and as long as his shoot making didn’t get in the way, I was great with her brother filming us.

butterflyhaze richardnailder bfc tattooed teen brunette panties oldny eighteen pts athletic xxxp sisp shaved hcm

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