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Can you imagine filming your sister in her first porno clip? I’m talking about getting inches from your own sister’s pussy with a closeup lens as your sister is getting a throbbing cock rammed deep in her teenage pussy. Well that’s what David did to his sister after she drank the last of his beer. In fact, there is an entire porno sister dedicated to guys that film their own sisters in their first porno scenes. There are over 40 scenes and high-quality picture sets of guys filming their sisters in their first porno scenes on Bring Me Your Sister so if you are a lover of sister porno – then check out the free tour today.

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forward Brother vids His Sister Fucking

Of course, if you long for to film your own sister – they can make that possible too.  Learn more at Bring Me Your Sister

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Homemade Vid Of Me Fucking The Neighbor Babe – Wet Little Cunt Pics

I told you i would be posting more of the homemade clips I made of Holie-Marie and here they are. This big-breasted coed has a sweet little shaved little wet cunt with a pierced clit. She also has a firm little butt that’s a lot of fun to hold onto when she’s on top riding your penis like it’s a rodeo bull. Since she stops by my place on a regular basis, I have a few scenes of her getting fucked that are worth checking out.

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If you want to see more of this sweetheart – you need to check out the real girl next door teens on www.realcoloradogirls.com. She’s only one of the hotties on my site but she does have one of the best sets of natural breasts I’ve ever seen. Holie appears on Real Colorado coeds, Bring Me Your Sister and Glass Mannequin. Join today and see her first ever porno vid plus get access to all three girl next door porno sites featuring this hot Colorado coed.

and be sure to bookmark us to see shoots from all my homemade sex clips.

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Disrobed Teenager – Slippery Little Cunt

I was fishing on a local creek a few weeks back when I spotted this sexy teenager dark haired up stream from me taking off her bikini. I guess the teenager didn’t see me as she just took off her top then her bottoms and began washing herself in the creek. I’m not sure if the teenager was homeless or if she was just down at the creek  having a good time but either way, I was getting a free peep-show and I wanted to see more. Hiding in a stand of willows, I got my camera out of my pocket and started snapping images of the errant teenager as she undressed. I always carry this little digital camera when I go fishing so I can take images of the places I go and the fish I catch but I never thought I would be hiding in a bush taking images of a barely legal teenager washing her little cunt in a local stream. I let my buddy have all the unclothed photograph of this teenager and he posted them on his website – – you can check them out at www.glassmannequin.com Enjoy the samples.

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Hot teenager takes her clothes off

Watching Her Undress

Watching the dark haired strip

Naked Teenager

unclothed coed

Washing her pussy

Cute teenager washing her little cunt

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Jessica Woods – Shaved Little Cunt

Jessica Woods Jessica Woods

Jessica Woods @ BlacksOnBlondes.com Jessica wants to be Ace’s number 1 babe. Ace is OK with that, but first, she has to prove she is worthy by allowing herself to be evaluated by the homies. What she didn’t realize, was that the evaluation includes her being gangbanged to see if she measures up. She meets the homies and is surprised when she is expected to strip, and give out lapdances. Before she knows it, her face is being stuffed with black boners, and her wet cunt becomes a pincushion from all those pricks jammed into it. This escalates into anal, DP, and finishes with a unblemished blast-off in the mouth, a creampie in her wet cunt, and several more spunk blasts into her face and mouth!

Jessica Woods Jessica Woods

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Nyomi And Celeste’s Double Sex-toy Adventure – Make My Cunt Wet!

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I was just beginning to shoot a solo film with Indonesian chick Nyomi when I heard the doorbell ring. It was a sexy coed Celeste who arrived a day too early. I told her to sit nearby as I finish shooting Nyomi’s film. Nyomi proceeded to be such a meat tease pulling her undies to the side and flicked her clitoris. She noticed that curious teen Celeste was looking at her. She invited the teen babe in she was nervous but responsive to her advances. Nyomi stripped Celeste bare eating her sweet coed wet cunt and grabbing her supple fun bags! She shoved a big vibrator up the teenager’s wet cunt as she grabbed the other end on hers and they get into a steamy double vibrator action! Check out the full DOWNLOADABLE shoot ONLY at LesbianTeenHunter.com!

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My Errant Neighbor Coeds – Cunt Images

Welcome to my Neighborhood. First let me say that It’s good to be Mister Richard ;-) – and it’s superlative to be Mr Richard when the neighbor hood is as slutty as his is.

It wasn’t too long ago that Holie and Meysha were playing in Mister Richard’s hot tub. When Mister Richard came out and caught them being a tad perverted, Mister Richard decided to join them. Holie was ready for a little penis but poor little Meysha had that deer-in-the-headlight look as she watched. Since it was obvious that not all the coeds in the neighborhood are ready to be porno stars, Mister Richard handed Meysha a camera and let her shoot him fucking her best friend Holie.

Meysha stayed nervous – and it didn’t help any that skinny Holie likes to be fucked HARD! And of course Mister Richard obliged her. So pay attention now and see how Mister Richard slides his penis into Holie’s tight little wet little cunts. Then watch carefully as he hammers her hard as her girlfriend watches – Mister Richard is a sick fucker – he likes to fuck coeds hard and fast – tell Mister Richard that he’s been a bad boy……… Tell Mister Richard that YOU desire to be his neighbor!

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Mister Richard put the entire scene of him fucking Holie on his website for your viewing pleasure – be sure to check it out – and don’t forget the lube – you don’t desire to get blisters on your tender little penis.

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Her Brother Made Her Fuck For Bucks – Make Me Wet

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Thena Sky was not to thrilled when he brother brought her to PapaGMP’s pad but she didn’t have much of a choice – it was either get fucked – or get beat! Demon is not the nicest brother one could wish for but at lease when his sister put a dent in his Harley while fucking her boyfriend in the garage, he didn’t just kill her and bury her coed cunt in the back yard – no, being the loving brother that he is, he pimped his little sister out to a porno producer and made her fuck in her first porno scene. Lucky for me, my brother did the same and that’s how I got to know Thena. I loved getting fucked on camera so much that I now work for the old pervert that grudge-fucks guys sisters when they fuck their brothers over.

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Now don’t get me wrong, I’m still a little pissed at my brother for making me do my first porno scene – but now I get to meet all kinds of kinky coeds and I even get to take most of the pictures that appear on Bring Me Your Sister. Anyway, back to Demon and his sister…… Demon is the kind of guy that pretty much gets his way but he’s a little whiner that wants everyone to feel sorry for his little ass. When he showed up at Papa GMP’s pad with his sister in tow, all he could do is whine about his precious Harley. His sister was tired of him being such a whiny tramp and was ready to do anything to get him off her ass. Even if it meant fucking an old guy while her brother filmed it.

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Now Thens has a little coed little wet cunt and when she saw Papa GMP’s giant penis, she about walked out. In fact, he ripped her up so bad while grudge-fucking her for her brother, that she about punched Papa GMP. You could tell it was hurting her form the expression on her face. Her brother, being the sick fucker that he is, got off on his sister being screwed by the old fucker and even got a copy of the scene for his own “use”. I thought you might like a few free teasers of this sick brother and sister pair so I made a little site with a few teaser films for you. Of course, if you want to see all the movies and pictures of his sister’s little coed little wet cunt getting ripped up by a giant penis, then you need to check out the main site at Bring Me Your Sister – enjoy…. Tasha

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Summer Bailey Digs Super Sized Cones – My Wet Little Cunt!

Driving around in my quest to fuck as many teens in the back of my bang bang van, I spotted Summer Bailey. She was walking place from cheerleading practice. I pulled up alongside the sexy blonde coed. Offered her a free ice cream cone plus a ride place if she wanted to hop in the back of my bang bang van. Being the slutty cheerleader she was Summer Bailey quickly said yes! She stepped into the van, lifting her small skirt, teasing me with her super itty bitty bloomers. I knew then Summer had a bad coed side. I unzipped my pants. She dropped to her knees, slurped up my supersized stick while rubbing her teen little wet cunt. Check out the full DOWNLOADABLE shoot ONLY at Ice Cream Bang Bang!


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More Sister Porno – Leslie Stroup – Little Wet Cunt

Glass Mannequin Productions has been shooting sister porno since it launched Bring Me Your Sister two years ago. Leslie Stroup is the latest sister to fall victim to her brother’s evil plan – seems she moved up from Texas to stay with her brother after graduating high school and being away from mommy for the first time, she did what most coeds do – PARTY, PARTY, PARTY……   Of course, this was OK with her brother until he got in trouble with his landlord for noise complaints. Now he needed to come up with $600 cash for a security deposit of he was going to have to move. His only choice was to pimp his little sister out and have her make a porn so they wouldn’t loose the dwelling.  John showed up at papa’s door on Saturday morning with his sister in tow.  Of course, he never told his sister that she would be making a porno video and he sure as hell didn’t tell her that he would be filming her fucking an older guy while she did it.

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Leslie Stroup

Just out of high school, John’s little sister had no clue what to do when put in such a situation – so she made the film – despite her better judgment. At first it was a little awkward having her brother there as she screwed but she soon forgot that the perv was there and started to enjoy having her little wet cunt eaten by the old perv. Obviously this wasn’t the first time John’s sister had been screwed by and older man.

John Films The Older Guy Eating His Sister's Pussy

John shoots The Older Guy eating His Sister’s shaved little wet cunt

John did a awesome job of filming his sister in her first porno film – he was more than eager to get in her face and giver her hell but the little tramp didn’t miss a beat – she just kept on fucking as her brother watched her titties slapping back and forth as she rode the old man’s throbbing cock.

Papa Fucking His Sister As Her Brother Films

Papa Screwing His Sister As Her Brother shoots

You can see the entire film on Bring Me Your Sister – join today and get full access to all of the GMP sites at no additional charge. Bring Me Your Sister, Real Colorado coeds and Glass Mannequin.

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Faye Runaway – Wet Little Cunt Images

Faye Runaway Faye Runaway

Faye Runaway @ BlacksOnBlondes.com Faye Runaway…Self-decribed, punk ballerina, and as we discover this week, Black dick Nymphette! This young tatooed waif is ready for a black dick gangbang, and although her ass would fit in the palm of your hand, she is willing to have it penetrated by immense black meat-poles! She’s even open to DP! So we have this mini-bitch sucking 4 black dicks like she hasn’t tasted meat before, then spreading her little legs wide for little wet cunt fucking, then her pert asshole gets plowed, and she takes the DP. She finishes her extreme workout by kneeling at the juice bar and letting each stud serve their ghetto smoothies right into her gaping mouth!

Faye Runaway Faye Runaway

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