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Fuck The Easter Bunny – Cunt Scenes

I love Easter but that I always thought that Easter bunny shit was for the birds – but a dude of mine sent me this photograph and i thought WTF – maybe I would like to fuck the Easter bunny.

Fuck The Easter Bunny brunette tattooed pierced panties

Fuck The Easter Bunny

Of course, I never figured the Easter bunny to be a tattooed inkslut with a cute little ass and fat pierced nipples. But hell, I like tattooed sluts and even better if they have all kinds of misbehaving piercings. In fact, I think I’ll go looking for the Easter fucking eggs that this cunt hid in my back yard.

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Aerynn Black – Undamaged Phat Ass And Kinky As Hell – My Wet Cunt

AerynnBlack blonde amateur porn model in glasses petite booty gnd

Aerynn taught me a thing or two about sex ;-) . Aerynn came to us a year ago and did a few nekkid photo shoots before getting in front of the clip cameras. One needs to watch this kinky little cunt or she may surprise you – her personal life is as kinky as her life as an amateur porno star. She likes to pick up guys and “show them the ropes” – be careful out there….. LOL

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Brother Gets His Revenge By Filming His Sister – Wet Cunt Clips

When Phil showed up at my door with his little sister Autumn in tow, I knew I was in for a superb evening. Seams this sexy little brunette had borrowed her brother’s cars without his permission and ran the thing into a curb. He wanted the $600.00 to get the front end fixed and this pissed off brother would rather see his sister filled with semen then let her get away with her sins. And who better to fill the little cunt with semen than I? Of course, Phil never told his sister that she would be making a smut scene – and he sure as hell never told her that he would be filming it – but what choice did the little cunt have? She had no cash – and he wasn’t about to let here leave till he was paid. So I get to fuck his sister and he gets to film his sister in her first smut scene – it doesn’t get any better than that.

AutumnBreeze skinny brunette amateur teen plys tits shaved pussy xxxp ondny sisp gnd sbj cumshot facial

Sister Gets Filmed

Of course, little Autumn was a little shocked by it all – sure, she was no virgin but having her brother there was a little weird for her at first. But she was soon sucking dick as she looked into her brother’s camera. Kinky little cunt.

my sister sucking cock

My Sister Sucking dick

Nice thing about forward little little wet cunts is that do what you tell them. I soon had his sister’s legs spread and was stiffing my fat dick deep in his sister’s tight teenage cunt. At the same time, playing with his sister’s form teenager rack. Man, this dude’s sister was fun to fuck.

Fuck My Sister

Fuck My Sister

Of course, her brother was right there catching all the hard-core sister-fucking action on video. You can see the entire hard-core set of Phil’s little sister on Bring Me Your Sister. Or you can drop by sometime with your own little sister.

Filming My Sister Fuck

Filming My Sister Fuck

If you’re good with a camera – you can catch get a closeup shot of your sister with my semen all over her face. Now how priceless is that?

Cum On My Sister's Face

semen On My Sister

Visit Bring Me Your Sister today to see Autumn Breeze in her first smut scene. Bring Me Your Sister – internet’s hotest sister smut site.

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Katie St Ives – Warm And Wet Cunt

Katie St Ives Katie St Ives

Katie St Ives @ BlacksOnBlondes.com This week’s update opens with barely legal little pixie Katie playing with her hot little wet little cunts on the bed, dreaming of a king-sized black dick to really do her tight nookie the right way. While she’s rubbing that king-sized sex-toy, suddenly the damn bursts, and she floods the bed with a squirt gusher that looks like there was a hose attached to the sex-toy! She keeps rubbing, and wishing,and suddenly her dreams come true as Johnny Depth appears at the foot of her bed rocking a full blown horsecock-sized hardon. Katie can’t wait to see how far she can shove this meatsword down her throat, and after she’s down massaging her tonsils, she shoves it into her young cootchie. She takes this king-sized slab of black meat in every position she can think of, and when she’s had all she can handle, she kneels and begs for a king-sized mouthful of his special sauce, which she greedily gulps down!

Katie St Ives Katie St Ives

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Coed Schlong Craver Amber Sun – Shaved Little Cunt!

I met dark haired teen hottie Amber Sun around the park. It seems Amber is having a bit of trouble with the law and has a couple of tickets she needed to pay for. I told her about the teeny bopper club and she instantly jumped on it. This eager teenager was one horny sex freak! Once we were in the studio out came the clothes and the inhibitions as teeny cutie Amber Sun goes down on her knees and sucks on my fat cock! I then bend her over and rammed my monstrous meat stick deep inside her moist teenager cunt! Watch the full the teeny bopper boffing only at TeenyBopperClub.com!

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Ashli Orion – Warm And Wet Cunt

Ashli Orion Ashli Orion

Ashli Orion @ BlacksOnBlondes.com This vid starts out with the gang out in the alley shooting the shit. Byron tells them about a zombie vid he watched last night where this zombie hussy just snatched guys meat off. Ashli Orion is a teenager bimbo working around the corner. She overheard this discussion, and decided to fuck with them. She acted like a zombie, and came at them mumbling something about munching black meat, which sent them all scrambling to get the hell out of there. Ashli was having a slow day, and loves nothing more than getting gangbanged by 6 black meat, so she followed them. Back at the crib, she pops in and offers her teenager little cunt and mouth to anyone that’s interested, and it’s gangbang time for this slim brunette tart!

Ashli Orion Ashli Orion

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Taylor Starr – Warm And Wet Cunt

Taylor Starr Taylor Starr
Taylor Starr @ CumBang.com
Apparently there’s a group of ex-cons, thugs, um….basically black guys who love to fuck with white women because my ancestors had their ancestors in chains. This will not stand! The Cumbangers and I were in the middle of our meeting where we discuss who was better: Lynard Skynard or CCR when Taylor Starr came in and offered herself up like a sacrificial lamb. Well, we were as happy as a black guy on welfare check day so my brothers and I took turns face fucking her black mouth. We could have finished there but her soaking wet cunt was like the dinner bell ringing for us so we made sure her uterus was going to be stretched out. Take a good look at the loads we dropped on her. She is now a white erection harlot and that couldn’t make us happier.
Taylor Starr Taylor Starr
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Young Couple Fucking – Brooke Barker – Little Wet Cunt

Who among us doesn’t like to see a teenager with mammoth natural boobs getting fucked hard by a cute young stud. Well, I for one love to see coed little wet cunt being ripped open by a throbbing hard cock and I like it even more if it’s a true girl next door couple – one that’s never fucked before but that really wants to.

Horny Young Couplebrunette teen boobs xxx girlfriend gnd cumshot amateur teen

When Brooke Barker asked if she could work with Max, I gave him a call. They had met at a party at my house a few weeks before and Brooke had been desiring to fuck him ever since. Max was working at a local Hotel on a work exchange program and had to return to his native Hungary in a few weeks and hadn’t planned on meeting any new girls before he left – of course, he was thrilled at the thought of fucking Brooke.

I set the clip shoot up for the next day and the tow showed up early. Brooke was looking and smelling unmarred and Max was ready to fuck her hard. The sexual energy in the air was superlative. Neither one of them had ever done a hardcore porno shoot before and Brooke had only done one undressed photo shoot. In a way, this was their porno audition.

fucking maxdogie style

As soon as I had everything ready, the tow horny teens got right to fucking and sucking. I sat backed and filmed – no directing needed on this one – that were enjoying fucking each other and I sure as hell didn’t need to tell them how. In fact, I was getting a little horny watching Brooke’s mammoth natural boobies bounce as Max slammed his hard cock in her tight coed little wet cunt.

As soon as Brook reached climax, Max pulled his throbbing cock out of her wet little wet cunt and shot a mammoth load of hot sticky semen all over her belly and titties. I almost shot my load at the same time………

big natural titscum videos

Since I’m feeling generous, I’ll let you see a bit of the hardcore today – Glass Mannequin members get to see the entire clip so if you like Brookes huge boobies, be sure to sign up today.

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Amai Liu – Wet Cunt Pictures

Amai Liu Amai Liu

Amai Liu @ BlacksOnBlondes.com We start out this week with a question…Is there any way that you can take one of the tiniest wet little cunts around, and fit 2 of the biggest black erections in it without causing serious damage? Amai Liu (who you might recognize from a previous identity as small Tabby) and her boyfriend are about to walk down a scarey alley, and when he sees 2 black guys waiting at the end, decides that it’s better to find another route, and refuses to go with her. She’s not afraid of this encounter though, and walks right up to them, and flashes a mammoth smile. They long for her to duck inside and see how far this small Asian is willing to go. Amai has no idea of the perils she just stepped into. She starts out OK sucking those whopping erections as best she can, but when the action turns to her mini-poon, she is in for a real eye-opening! These guys don’t cut her any slack, and really break out those cunt stretchers and pound her until she’s quivering like an 80 pound pile of jello. She has to call time-out several times, but they keep coming back for more, then they finally let her off the hook as they blast her face with molten seed lava from their cream cannons!

Amai Liu Amai Liu

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Tessa Taylor Opens Wide For Boner – My Wet Little Cunt

The crew struck gold with a 19 year old blow job queen named Tessa Taylor. Her perky tits, firm butt and fuckable mouth was ready for my monster dick. I stripped her down, whipped my dong out and placed it gently in her mouth. She struggled to fit my enormous snake in her mouth. She bobbed up and down, licked my dick from shaft to tip all while fondling my tasty balls. Once nice and hard after an perfect blow job I bent her over the couch and plowed her teen little wet cunt. DOWNLOAD the full vid ONLY at TeenBlowJobs.com!

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