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Brother Shoots Sister Fucking An Old Man – Wet Cunt Photograph

I Film My Sister Fucking CheyenneWinters brunette tits xxxp sisp gnd tattooed oldny shavedI really pissed my brother off when I trashed his guitar but for him to hire me out for a porn was a bit too much! It wouldn’t have been so bad fucking the old bastard on film but my pervert for a brother had to stay while I was getting fucked – the little cock-sucker even filmed it.

My brother and I never really got along – he’s always telling on me, claiming I stole something from him or blaming me fore something I didn’t do. Well this time, I got caught red-handed! I was fucking around and I trashed his new guitar – he had a friend that can read (my brother’s a dumb fuck) and his friend saw some add in the paper for a way to exact a little vengeance on your sister. Anyway, my brother’s friend talked him into dragging my butt over to this Papa guy’s abode so I could earn a few dough to pay him back. That little fucker didn’t even tell me I was going to have to fuck the old guy!

When we got there, this old pervert answered the door and explained to me how I was to earn the dough to pay for my brother’s guitar – I was supposed to fuck him as my brother filmed it. Now, my little brother is a fucking pervert but where does he get off watching (and filming) his sister fuck? Fucking little prevert probably got off watching his little sister take that old man’s mammoth cock! The old man was nice enough – shit he should e – he got to stick his hard old cock in my tight coed little wet cunt and fuck me till I shuddered and climaxed. He then shot a load of hot spunk all over my belly – but not without shooting a good portion of his spunk in my little coed little wet cunt – the fucker called it a “coed creampie” and rubbed it in with his finger.

So I guess I’m a smut star now – LOL. Maybe I’ll go back and fuck the old bastard again – this time, with out my brother – after all, a sister has to have her fun too.

Cheyenne Winters

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Babe On Babe Vids – Wet Little Cunt

I think I’m turning into a fucking lesbo! I’ve always known I liked coeds (hell, what kind of heterosexual man doesn’t?) but all I lust after to do lately is sit around and look at lesbo smut. Hot teen little wet cunts getting eaten out by teenage sluts, painted fingernails sliding into shaved teen pussies, brunettes tongue fucking blonds, and hot lesbo toy sex.

JosieJoe JaydaGarcia amateur teen gfm lcm lesbian brunette amateur teens shaved dildo gndfinger my pussy

When I ran across these free lesbo shoots, I knew I had to share them with you. This mini-site has a bunch of amazing shoots of Josie fucking Jayda – and Jayda has one of the sexiest little teen pussies I’ve ever seen. You can really tell that she’s enjoying having Josie eat her little shaved cunt and that’s what I like – true lesbain sex! None of the BS where the coeds put their face by the other coeds wet little cunts and you can tell she’s not into it.

lesbian dildo sexlick my teen clit

Pink pussies and a blue toy – sounds like fun to me! And from looking at these free lesbo clips, I can tell that the coeds are having fun. Especially Jayda – the way she giggles, the way she grabs Josie’s hummer and pushes her face into her little cunt and the way she curls her toes as she reaches orgasm…….. Yes, I’m pretty sure I’m really a lesbo at heart!

lesbian cunt munchersass porn

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Making Violet Semen – Wet Little Cunt

There are few things that make my week better than getting a visit from my misbehaving little neighbor chick – the hot young mom Violet Little. This 4? 11? short young mom is one of the cutest coeds in my neighborhood and just the thought of her sucking on my throbbing old penis gets me all fucking hard. On this visit, Violet had just broke up with her boy friend and was in need of a good fuck and she wasted no tome at all dragging me to the bedroom. Within minutes this hot coed was slobbering all over my penis. Soon she had my penis buried between her monster coed titties and was giving me one of the best titty-fucks I have ever had.

VioletLittle Titty Fucks Me ssbj xxxp petite brunette rfm ondny bnts big floppy tits bfc climax

Violet Titty Fucks Me

But we’re not here for a titty fuck  we came to watch little Violet cream – and this little coed loves to cum…….  Besides, I wanted to feel her wet little cunt on my throbbing penis so I put the little hussy on top and let her do her thing. To be honest, it was real hard for me not to cream right away when little Violet slid down on my penis and started riding me like a cowboy on a wild bronc – but then it was my job to get this little coed to cream first so I held back as she started to work my throbbing penis like a pro.

Violet Lowers Herself Onto My Cock

Violet Lowers Herself Onto My penis

Violet soon picked up the tempo and was soon fucking me so hard I thought I was going to fill her tight little little wet cunt with my hot cream before she was ready – but somehow I managed to hold back.  Then the little cunt arched her back, held her breath, rolled her eyes, and came all in a monster shuddering orgasm…..

Violet Gets Close

Violet Gets Close To Orgasm


Violet Holds her Breath

Violet Rolls her Eyes, Cums, And Collapses On Me

Violet Rolls her Eyes and Cums Before Collapsing On Me

You can see the full-length video clip on my web site = Glass Mannequin – enjoy :-)

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Tasha Burke, Kinky Colorado Model Does Her First Porno Vid – My Little Cunt

skinny brunette TasheBurke brunette amateur flashes her blue eyes outdoors hym gnd

Working with Tasha Burke was a lot of fun. Tasha had just moved to Colorado when I met her and she was looking for work. She had worked as a photographer before and wanted to find a job taking photograph. I asked her to come by and help on a naked photo set of another model and her fate was sealed. Tasha helped as photographer for a week or so but was bored. When I offered her a chance to work in porno, she jumped at the chance. Two days later, Tasha was taking a hard cock into her tight cunt and I was filming it – Tasha’s first girl next door porno video was a hit and I continued to video and fuck this orgasmic cum dumpster. You can see Tasha on the Glass Mannequin and Bring Me Your Sister girl next door porno sites.

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Envy’s Gun Control – Little Wet Cunt!

Envy tattooed bnts gnd teen
Why are babes with tattoos and guns so hot? I don’t get it – but they just are. If Envy came up to me on the street and held me up at gun point, I’d be turned on for a few seconds before I got scared shitless. Wonder if I’d fill my pants with jizz or shit?  Anyway, Envy is a cute tattooed sandy teen with a real smooth shaved little wet cunt and a perfect little asshole. 


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Teenager Strippers With Natural Hooters – My Wet Little Cunt

It’s been a while since I sat down and wrote about my strip club adventures so I thought I’d sit dome and tell you all a bit about my little trip to unequaled TnT’s on Friday. As I’ve stated before in this blog, TnT’s of Colorado Springs is my favorite chillin club and they always manage to have enough cute strippers to keep me happy. In fact, there were 6 strippers there that had worked for me over the years so it was a superb reunion.

It all started when Maddy Marks gave me a call asking for a ride to work. Maddy is one of our newest additions and has been featured on Bring Me Your Sister and will soon be appearing on Real Colorado coeds. In addition to having a nice set of natural cans, Maddy has one of the sexiest wet cunt I’ve ever seen so stop by TnT’s and get a disrobed dance in their new “Dynamite” room.

I was surprised to see Brooke working since I hadn’t seen her in town for over a year but she was back and looking as superb. She’s dancing as Austin now but she still has the same superb set of natural boobs and a superb butt. She also has a new tattoo that you should check out. You can see more of Brooke on our flagship site, Glass Mannequin.

Hannah, a.k.a. Foxxy showed up shortly after I got there and the little cum dumpster had new nipple piercings that she just had to show me – up close and personal. Hannah is a cute little stripper and a superb fuck too. She’s done a half-dozen extreme clips with me and a few coed-coed clips with her girlfriends. You can see Hannah’s clips on all three of our sites: Real Colorado coeds, Bring Me Your Sister, and soon to appear on Glass Mannequin.

Candice was there too…. If you like massive butts and massive soft natural cans, you need to get a dance or two from Candice. She’s been stripping and acting in smut since she was 18 and she’s a real nice coeds to sit and chill with too. Candice appears on Glass Mannequin

If you like natural Nordic blonds and their pink nipples and little wet cunt lips, you need to check out Cameron on Bring Me Your Sister. As with the rest, she was working on Friday and looking top-notch. If she ever dumps the looser she’s dating, maybe I’ll get a few more good shoots of her on the sites.

And last but not least, Shaye. Shaye dances as Mia and can be seen on all three of our sites. If you like them skinny with cute pointy cans, then Shaye is the coed for you. She doesn’t work as often as the others but it was good to see her again. She too has a real nice fat cunt so I would highly recommend the disrobed dance. You can see her pointy teen cans and fat cunt on all three of our site.

The good news is that for a small time, if you get a membership at one site, you get access to all three sites….  Glass Mannequin, Bring Me Your Sister and Real Colorado coeds

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Colorado’s Finest Coed Amateures Get Nakid – Warm Little Cunt

JaydaGarcia amateur teen lesbian Latina outdoor plts booty gnd
We found this Denver Colorado native while hanging out at the local mall. She needed a little cash to get her ride fixed so we talked her into taking a ride into the nearby mountains and doing a undressed photo set with us. Jayda had never been undressed in front of the camera before but she quickly relaxed as we started taking pics. Jayda had her clothes off in no time and was soon spreading her butt cheeks so the whole world could see her tight teen asshole. Jayda the sat down and proceeded to play with her tight teen wet cunt. The sun was shining and her wet teen wet cunt glistened in the sunshine. I just kept taking pics and got over 400 amazing undressed pictures of this sexy Colorado native as she played with her fat clitoris until she had one rocking orgasm after the another.

See more hot smut pics of sexy teen amateur from Denver

Jayda was so fucking hot that I nearly cam all over firm teen rack.

Since her first undressed photo set, Jayda has done a dozen amateur films and I’ve taken over 5,000 undressed pics of this teen floozy stuffing things into her tight teen wet cunt and munching teen cunt-muncher wet cunts.

Jaydas pics and films can only be seen at GlassMannequin.com

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Colorado Teenager Fucks On Camera – Violet Little – Shaved Little Cunt

When Violet Little showed up at her neighbor’s house, she wanted to get fucked. Being a young mother, Violet doesn’t have time to date but she does find time to get laid. Lucky for her, the gentleman that lived next door is more than willing to drop his drawers and fuck her all night – after the little cunt sucks his cock. Hell, what kind of neighbor turns down grand piece of butt let alone a hummer?

teen amateur brunette petite boobs xxx bj gnd

Now Violet gives grand blow job but this lonely young mom is also a grand fuck. Watching the older neighbor fuck the young mom’s teen little cunt is a real fucking turn-on. And this little cunt can take all of his hard cock, as hard as the old fucker can hammer it in her wet little cunt. The little cunt was a moaner – making all kinds of fucking noise as the old pervert fucked her tight little little cunt.

Now how many of you would like to have a errant neighbor teens like Violet? One that would stop by at night for a quickie, one that would fuck you just to feel your hard cock deep in her dainty little cunt? One that you could cum deep in her little cunt and leave a hot sticky cream-pie in her little teen cunt.

The only place on the internet that you can see Violet fucking her neighbors is on www.realcoloradogirls.com – check out all of her errant adventures today.

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Alexis Golden – Little Shaved Cunt

Alexis Golden Alexis Golden

Alexis Golden @ BlacksOnBlondes.com In our latest update, cougar Alexis Golden is on the prowl. She’s hunting for some fresh black meat to feed her insatiable little wet cunt. Alexis sinks her claws into two black snakes, and doesn’t waste time feasting on their lengthy hardness. It’s no holes forbidden as she offers her butt as well, and after fucking both orifices, they go for the DP, which Alexis actually planned all along. After draining both of their nutsacks into her hungry mouth, she crawls back to her lair to have a catnap, and dream about her next black dick conquest.

Alexis Golden Alexis Golden

Visit BlacksOnBlondes.com, home of the Dogfart Series for more of Alexis Golden

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Tight Mexican Girl Cunt Takes Good-sized Penis – My Little Cunt

JoeyVargus bc xxx Latina amateur bfts pussy shaved panties gndoy hymWhen Joey Vargus came to me needing a little coin, I was more than willing to make a hardcore amateur movie of her tight Mexican Girl wet cunt taking my substantial hard schlong. We didn’t have anyone to run the camera so I set one on a tripod and we took turns holding the other. Joe has a amazing set of fake rack that look unmarred on her short Mexican Girl frame and I had a amazing time playing with her substantial fake rack as she sucked my schlong. Now, I’ve had more than one good bj in my 48 years on this cruel earth but let me tell you – Joey can suck schlong! But I wanted more than a bj so I flipped the short Mexican Girl over and rammed my substantial schlong deep into her tight wet cunt.

I wanted to fuck Joey all week but we only had 60 minutes of tape in the cameras and I wanted to set my hot sperm all over this cute Latina’s tight belly and substantial fuckin rack before the tape ran out. I did manage to finish in time to catch the sperm-shot on tape and you can see it all on my website – check it out now and enjoy.

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