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Tight Teen Cunt Thena Sky Gets Filmed By Her Brother – Little Cunt Tease

ThenaSky skinny brunette perky tits sisp xxxp plts gnd
Demon brought his sister to us after she dented his Harley. The little hussy was not too excited to be making her first porno clip and she was even more upset that her brother was filming it. Now for my part, I like fucking teen little cunts that are 20 years younger than myself – hell, who wouldn’t? Demon’s little sister has one of the tightest teen cunt’s that I’ve had the pleasure of fucking and the little slut’s little wet cunt even got wet – weird considering her brother was filming me fuck her. At first, she did flawless taking me hard olds cock but after 20 minutes off fucking, the teen hussy started begging me to just finish – guess her tight little cunt wasn’t used to having so much cock.

Well, I fucked the little cunt as hard as I could – at one point, she balled up her fist and was going to punch either me or her brother – I wasn’t sure which. Anyway, I finished up bu shooting a colossal load of hot cum all over her tight teen belly – she seemed a little grossed out by it but what the fuck do I care? Next time, I’ll five her a hot cum facial!

Watch my old cock cuming on this cunt

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Sexy Tattooed Mexican Girl – Little Cunt Gets Wet

Eva is one of the sexiest teens in the neighborhood and it’s always a real turn on when this sexy tattooed young Latina mom stops by and decides to get nude. And for all you perverts that like tattooed Latina wet little cunts, I just posted 188 high def images of Eva on Real Colorado teens – most of her playing with her clean shaved little wet little cunts. Eva showed up at my studio and wanted me to do a few pics – and who the hell am I to turn a perverted teen down?

Latina Model EvaEscobar hym panties Latina tattooed gnd Gets Nasty

Latina Model Eva Gets perverted

If you think this cute Latina has sexy eyes, you should see the sweet little wet little cunts that she’s hiding behind here black and yellow laced thong. Eva likes to shave and she keeps her little cunt as smooth as velvet.  You can see over 60 closeup images of Eva playing with her puffy clit on Real Colorado teens – you can also find this hot Latina on Glass Mannequin – Join either site and get full access to the other – this way you get to see all the perverted images of this sexy tattooed Latina.

Eva Shows Us Her Tattoos

Ev a Shows Us Her Tattoos

If you like Eva, she can only be found on these amateur porno sites : Glass MannequinReal Colorado teensBring Me Your Sister – all three sites – one low price.

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Hot Brunette Girl Next Door Smut Starlet – Make Me Wet

Autumn showed back up up at my door a few weeks back wanting to do another porno shoot and I for one was excited to have this hot brunette coed back for some more softcore and hard-core fun. Over the next few days, we shot three more sets of this sweetheart. One sex-toy scene where Autumn tried out the Glass Mannequin vibrator for the first time, fucked me in a hot hard-core scene, and then I invited Autumn over for a hot three-some scene with Hannah and I.

NaughtyLittleHannah AutumnBreeze brunette teen bbg orgy skinny shaved bfc gnd plts

Autumn – First Time porno Model

Hanna had already looked at Autumn’s first ever porno film and was real excited to get the chance to fuck Autumn. She even joked that they looked enough like sisters. Now damn, everyone know I like fucking sisters and these coeds really did look a lot alike – but then again, since they are both 18 years old, they can’t be sisters – unless they were twins ;-) .  Just imagine what it would be like to have these sexy clones teenagers sucking your dick and fucking you till you shot hot spunk deep inside their tight little teenage cunts and all over their perky teenager breasts and cute tanned faces.

Autumn and Hannah Kissing

Autumn and Hannah Kiss Each Other For The First Time

Let me tell you, these coeds know how to please a man and both of them had super tight teenager cunts to go along with their hard teenager breasts and their firm little asses. The also did a pretty good job of sucking dick and munching wet little cunts. So – to make a long story small, we filmed Autumn in three more porno film and will be posting them on Glass Mannequin and Real Colorado coeds. Add this to Autumn’s first ever porno film that she made to pay her brother back for the ride she wrecked that you can see on Bring Me Your Sister. Autumn’s sick brother pimped her out and now she comes back for more porno – you gotta love the vengeance of a pissed off brother.

Autumn Licks Hannah's Pussy

Autumn Licks Hannah’s Wet teenager wet little cunts

The good news is that now you can get unlimited access to all three sites and see all the porno that this hot teenage girl has ever made. Check her out today at www.glassmannequin.com.

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Ryder Skye – Cunt Shoots

Ryder Skye Ryder Skye

Ryder Skye @ BlacksOnBlondes.com You know this type of honey, the one that enters a room, and commands everyone’s immediate gaze, she then causes the males in the room to begin losing consciousness as the blood from their fellatio rapidly rushes to their other fellatio. Any straight man of any age, just wants one thing, and that’s to fuck her! But then there’s the BoB fan…Sure, he wants to fuck her as much as the next swinging cock, but in the back of his perverted mind, he’s thinking… I’d like to see that pretty face sucking on half-a-yard of black throbbing cock, or witness that sleek tight body getting pounded by a black anaconda that stretches her letter-perfect little cunt to the size of the large Cave! So, here’s your steaming fantasy…sizzling babe, Ryder Skye meets Ice Cold’s awe-inspiring length of diamond hard, black, meat-lumber! Take a deep breath, and click play!

Ryder Skye Ryder Skye

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Faith Vega – Sexy Latina Teenager Does Her First Explicit – Little Wet Cunt

FaithVega amateur tattooed brunette Latina does hardcore pics xxxp gnd

It was almost a year ago today when Faith did her first amateur girl next door extreme smut movie. Faith had modeled for me a few times before but had always been a bit shy to do extreme. One day she showed up at my door with an attractive man and said she wanted to fuck him on camera. Now who am I to turn down such a request. We soon had the camera’s out and I proceeded to shoot this sexy Mexican Girl coed getting fucked. I think I had wood for a week after that shoot. Faith has one of the prettiest little cunts I’ve ever seen and to be able to take pictures of her taking a hard dick up her tight coed cunt was undamaged. Shortly after that shoot, Faith left the smut business but I still have hundreds of unpublished extreme and softcore pictures and films of her to put up on Glass Mannequin Productions web sites.

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Dwarf Strippers Empty My Wallet (again – Little Cunt Photograph)

Mother fucker I had a exceptional weekend ;-)

It all started Friday night when I headed out to unsurpassed TNT’s for a few beers. Harmony was working as was Chris, Kiki and Blossom -three of the sexiest short strippers in the state and all there to take my fuckin cash – LOL! Now I don’t think it’s any secret that I like short teens and having these four at the club was unspoiled. The best part is that every one of them has a brain on her shoulder so they’re not only nice to look at – they’re nice to talk with too.

When I arrived, I hadn’t planned on staying long but Blossom got me to stay till her friend dropped by so we could chat about a project that she wants me to shoot. While I waited I got a few dances from 18-year old Harmony – christ that woman is sexy! She has a unblemished coed hard-body and a real cute pair of boobies with the sexiest nipples I’ve seen in a long time and some unspoiled tattoos. She gets upset when I comment on her nipples but WTF – they are sexy!

After spending a little cash on Harmony, I cornered Kiki and bought her a drink that she probably didn’t really need cuz she was fucking drunk already – real drunk and having a exceptional time…  Kiki has a tiny hard body with a exceptional round ass ad in many was reminds me of my ex-wife – even the excessive drinking is reminiscent  of my ex. Kinda turned me on to hold a milf as sexy as my ex again.

Fuck – I had already spent too much when Chris cornered me. Now Chris is the hardest working dancer that I’ve known in a long wile and the only to really corner her is to get a dance – or five….  Trust me on this one – get the nude dance! I think my erection is still hard from the last dance she gave me Friday evening. I won’t go into details but this girl is one of the most sensuous strippers I’ve ever known. Skinny, short and a super cute cute face – mmmmmm good.

After Chris was finished with me I figured I had better get the fuck out of there because the other guys were getting a bit intimidated when ever I walked around the club with the monstrous fucking schlong she had given me bulging in my loose fitting shorts ;-)

Well, with the smell of Chris still in my mind, I headed over to PT’s Appaloosa to say hi to Candy and hopefully run into Nevaeh, Reve, Saphire (Anistaija), Sugar (Jayda), Angel, or Deville. Normally on a Friday night, at least 1/2 of them will be at the Appaloosa – one of Colorado Springs better strip clubs.

As I walked in the door, I was greeted by Reve, a 4?10? super sexy Latina stripper with a cute little round ass and a super sexy little little cunt. We hit the couches and chatted as I rubbed her back and legs. A tip to the guys – learn massage therapy – then spoil your women! I learned deep tissue massage a few years back and its paid for itself in little cunt 10 time over. She told me that Sugar hadn’t been working for a few days and that she expected Nevaeh to be in on Saturday. I spent a bit of time with both Reveu and Angle before the club closed the bar and opened up after hours.

Onix, my tattooed and pierces goth-harlot movie editor and her roommate were planning on meeting me for after hours so I forked up the $5.00 for the after hours admission and got me a ring-side seat in the nude room. I had given a friend a ride over form TnT’s and he was shocked at how many of the teens I knew. Shit – as often as I’m out, all the teens know the porno pervert……

I’ll write about Saturday’s fun in the next post.

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Tatianna Kush – Wet Little Cunt

Tatianna Kush Tatianna Kush

Tatianna Kush @ BlacksOnBlondes.com As this clip opens, we find Tone and JB discussing, what else, white wet little cunts, at an outside restaurant. Luscious brunette Tatianna comes in and can’t help but overhear their mischievous conversation, so she boldly steps in and wants to hear more. They take her back to their lair and the conversation turns to her and her experiences. Tone pops the question…Have you ever had a black pecker in your ass, and one in your wet little cunts at the same time? She gives the fine answer, "sounds like fun"! Hearing that, clothes start coming off, and blood begins to boil. Tatianna hits her knees and starts stuffing black boners in her mouth like it’s a hot dog eating contest, and she’s the hands down favorite. She bends over to suck one pecker, and reveals one of the sweetest asses we’ve seen in awhile, and they fuck this juicy beauty to get her ready for a sizzling DP. She lets these black snakes probe her holes till their contented, then kneels and lets them take target practice firing their jizz bombs into her sweet mouth!

Tatianna Kush Tatianna Kush

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Brutha Shoots Sista In Her First Hard-core Video Clip – Make My Cunt Wet

Well fuck me – when Theo showed up at the door with his little sister, I had to check her ID – and yes, she turned 18 last week so I had no problem letting him explain to me what the little cunt had done to deserve being filmed in her first porno video by her very own brother. It appears that the little cunt had decided to throw a little party at his place and once wasted, she thought it would be fun to get his exotic fish as drunk as her and her friends were. When her brother came abode, she was passed out on the floor and the fish were floating at the top of the tank – seems neither of them should have been drinking. To make a long story short, his mischievous little sister had no way to pay him for the damage to his fish tank let alone the dead fish so he wanted to see the little cunt grudge fucked – and properly so.

CrystalJames ebony petite plts skinny xxxp sisp gnd interracial

Theo shoots His Little Sista As An Older White Guy Gets Her Wet

Only problem was, as far as he knew, his little sister had never been with a guy.  Sure, she did well at the “foreplay” but when the old white guy tried to stick his jumbo penis in her itty bitty little cunt, it became obvious that she wasn’t sexually active with men at least. She said she liked girls but damn, I’ve never see such a itty bitty little pussy.

Crystal's Brother Films As An Older White Guy Fucks His Little Sister

Crystal’s Brutha shoots as an Older White Guy Fucks His Little Sista

In the end, she took most of his penis – she was so tight that the old guy shot his load all over her shave little cunt as her brother filmed it all. I think it turned him on to see his sister getting railed by such a whopping penis. You can see al of the video he made at Bring Me Your Sister – sign up today and get full access to Real Colorado girls and Glass Mannequin as a bonus.

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Jizz In His Sister’s Teen Cunt – Wet Little Cunt

Last week I showed you most of the video vids of me fucking Kaydence Skye as her brother filmed it – this week, I’ll let you see me cumming all over her shaved little cunt then stuffing my schlong back in her tight little cunt and finishing my orgasm – creampie style. If you desire to know the entire story on how I got to fuck this tattooed coed cheerleader, you’ll have to read the earlier posts but let me just say, she’s as fun to watch as she is to fuck – you can even ask her brother because he was the one holding the camera only inches from his sister’s little cunt as I fucked her tight little cunt.  Hell – you can download the entire movie on Bring Me Your Sister and enjoy more than these pissy little teasers.

KaydenceSkye petite redhead amateur teen tattooed braces plts sisp xxxp gnd

In fact – there are a ton of hot “sisters” being filmed by their brothers in their very first smut movie on my site – Bring Me Your Sister – no where else can you see such kinky family sex – where brothers pimp their sisters out in their very first smut movie just to get a little retribution. And yes, I’m pretty sure thses brothers all go residence and jerk off to their sister’s shoots. After all, it’s the closest you can legally get to your sister’s cunt – visit Bring Me Your Sister to see more hot sister smut.

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22 Inches Of Black Dick – Wet Little Cunt

22 Inches Of Black Dick 22 Inches Of Black Dick
22 Inches Of Black penis @ BarbCummings.com
This week I get 22 inches worth of colossal black erection from only two guys. What does that tell you? That tells you that they are black without me even having to say it, right? HaHa. How many white guys would I have to fuck to get 22 inches of erection in one session? 5? 10? Hahaha! First up we have John E. Depth’s 11 inches worth of spunk shooting, black-as-night manhood. I warm him up with my mouth, then lay on my back and spread my legs as far as I can for him. It doesn’t take him long to spew his interracial seed deep into my fertile, pink, shaved wet cunt. This is an faultless site fella’s. Nowhere else can you see footage like this, I must brag!!! You wont be disappointed. Next up is Sledge Hammer. I start working Sledge’s beer-can-thick 11 inch black penis with my mouth while John E. Depth’s thick, gooey cream leaks out of my wet cunt and onto the floor. When Sledge gets bored using my mouth, I sit him down on the couch and slowly lower my still-spunk-filled wet cunt onto his black tree stump. OMFG it felt incredible! You’d have to be a woman to understand fellas! When Sledge is close to blowing his precious black baby-makin’ load, he bends me over and fucks me from behind. I love this position, it makes the most of a creampie, not letting much spunk escape from my wet cunt. You’ve gotta see this movie for yourself guys! I know you’ll love it almost as much as I did! (ALMOST) Haha! Bye! XOXOXXOXOXOXO
22 Inches Of Black Dick 22 Inches Of Black Dick

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