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Amateur Teenager Exposes Herself Outdoors – Little Wet Cunt

I first met Jayda two weeks after her 18th birthday when she stopped by my residence to pick up her girlfriend from from a photo shoot. We weren’t quite finished so she sat and watched I finished the amateur photo shoot of her teenage girlfriend, Anistaija. This was Anistaija’s third photo shoot so she was starting to get comfortable buy Jayda was a little shocked to see her girlfriend with her legs spread wide open and exposed to the camera. Secretly I think it turned her on a bit. Jayda went on to explain that besides her two high school boyfriends, no one outside her family and a few girlfriends had ever seen her wet little cunts. Now she had my attention…..  For some reason I get really turned on by a true amateur teen and exposing them for the world to see is my life.

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To make a long story short, Jayda was so intrigued watching Anistaija spread her teen cunt for the camera that she asked If she could come with her girlfriend on her next shoot. Of course I said yes and told her to bring her ID just in case – she giggled and said she might. Well as things turned out, she did show up again and did her first lesbo shoot that night. Imagine how I felt watching her girlfriend munching her smooth teen  cunt as it was exposed to the world for the first time. These pictures were shot the next week in the mountains behind her residence and were the very first time that this sexy amateur exposed her little boobs and tight teen cunt to the unmarred outdoors.

Exposed Teen

Exposed teen

It was also Jayda’s first real solo-teen photo shoot. I perched myself on an outcropping just up the hill from her and told her to have fun. The people on the highway below us could look up and see her perched unclothed on her rock and a few even honked but there was nowhere close to stop so all they got was a quick glimpse of her firm round butt and her perky teen boobs. She was a little embarrassed at first just like most amateur teens but she soon got over it and was spreading her butt cheeks and exposing her sweet teen cunt for the world to see.

Firm Teen Ass

Firm teen butt

One of the reasons I chose Jayda for the header picture on this blog is because she exemplifies everything there is about amateur teens. She’s shy, cute, bubbly and a tad bit perverted. She also smells good but you’ll have to take my word for that. Anyway, when I started this shoot, I had no idea that Jayda would get as perverted as she did – spreading her butt cheeks and fingering her teen cunt till she came in little uncontrollable spasms – her calve muscled quivering and a few drops of semen dripping from her exposed cunt. I about shot my own load watching her masturbate – it was fuckin HOT!

Exposed Teen Pussy

Exposed teen cunt

So, if you would like to see more of Jayda, you can check out all of her amateur teen pictures and scenes on my website Glass Mannequin and also be sure to bookmark this page because I’m sure I’ll be posting many more nude pictures of this sexy teen.


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Shorty Mac Double Creampie – Warm And Wet Cunt!

Shorty Mac DOUBLE CREAMPIE! @ BarbCummings.com
Introducing SHORTY MAC! Holy Shit! This is definitely the biggest black penis I have ever sucked, fucked or even seen! It may be the biggest dick in the world. It is so over-sized, my makeup teen Gia Poloma couldn’t resist stepping in the vid just to suck on this king-sized black penis. No white woman in the world could resist this god-like penis. This is the first penis that actually scared me. The entire time I was sucking Shorty Mac’s black dick I was thinking about how in the hell I was going to be able to fit that into my wet cunt. If this wasn’t an interracial creampie site, I’d have just sucked him off and swallowed his sperm. But as you know, I NEED every jizzshot deep inside my wet cunt. I definitely earned my interracial cream pie on this one! OUCH! It HURT SO FUCKEN’ GOOD. The only position I could take Shorty Mac in (at least for now!) was doggy style, so that’s the way this creampie ends! With me bent over for my black stud, talking as dirty as I can until Shorty can no longer hold back, busting a big, thick, gooey nut right into my white wet cunt. Not ONCE, but TWICE! That’s right, Shorty Mac gives me TWO INTERRACIAL CREAMPIES in a row! One man, two cream pies. This black stud is fabulous! I hope this will not be the last time I get to suck and fuck this man’s king-sized black mammoth penis! Until next week, BYE GUYS!!! XOXOXOXOXOXXO

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Girl Next Door Fuck Shoot – My Wet Little Cunt

I love a good amateur fuck vid and the best I’ve ever seen are all on Real Colorado teenagers. These are a few video clips of the amateur Colorado couple Ricky and Anistaija fucking in one of their first ever homemade sex vids. This teen couple really knows  what the other likes and it’s obvious that they are enjoying being filmed. Anistaija arches her back as her boyfriend pushes his boner deep inside her tight shaved wet cunt, she moans and shudders in the throws of her first orgasm – but to see it all – you have to visit Real Colorado teenagers.

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Fuck her doggie style and she just might jizz again – but to see if she does, you’ll have to check out Real Colorado teenagers. By joining Real Colorado teenagers, you get full access to all their homemade sex vids plus you get full access to all the amateur fuck vids on Glass Mannequin and the reality site Bring Me Your Sister – you can see Anistaija getting fucked on all three of these sites.

Anistaija and her boyfriend can only be found on our sites so join Real Colorado teenagers today to see all of her exclusive porno scenes.

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Crazy Anal Sex Addict – My Wet Cunt

She is gorgeous, blessed with curvy body and angelic face but nobody knows that she hides dirty fantasies from her friends. Sure, she needs to reveal her desires and to please them from time to time and this is when her best boyfriend comes to the rescue.

They go to his place, play some disrobed games and finally move on to the goal of their meeting and that is passionate anal sex. Yes, this sweetheart does not hunger for to get her wet little cunts licked or fucked, she craves for a dick moving back and forth inside her anus. The full length downloadable HD scene reveals her dirty secret to the world.

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Sister Smut – Shaved Cunt

What kind of brother videos his sister in her first porno video clip? Of course, I’d be the last guy to complain that the world is filled with brothers that would love to see their sister in a sister porno video clip – and even a few that have the nerve to actually film their sisters fucking. The reason you’ll never hear me complaining is I’m most likely the guy fucking the forward sister as her sick fucking brother videos it all. You see, I had four sisters – and they were always breaking my stuff and just making my life miserable in general.

I always dreamed of having a way to really humiliate my sisters but it was first later in life that I figured it out – let me make a sister porno featuring my own sister and post it on the internet. So I put an add in the local paper: “Had your sister pissed you off, has she done you wrong? Did she wreck your ride, fuck your best friend, or kill all your goldfish? If so, isn’t it time you got a little revenge? Revenge has never been so sweet!“. And the brothers started bringing their sisters to make porno.

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Just last week, this over sized redhead showed up on my porch with his little brunette 1/2 sister. Seems the little tramp had been fucking his father and it was really tearing their mother up. Now back off – it wasn’t her father – but it was the ex-husband of her mother and IMO – a little weird…..

From the look on her brothers face in this picture, he’s enjoying watching his sister getting spanked way too much! Maybe more than I’m enjoying spankin his sister – but then it would be wrong for a brother to spank his sisters bare bottom – that’s what I’m here for. This sick brother had a special request – he wanted me to tie his little sister up and “fuck her hard” in her first sister porno video clip.

I learned quickly that the ropes were more than for looks – this little cunt likes to scratch. I got too close to her razor-sharp finger nails and the little cunt ripped a series of scratches across my back – maybe there was something that her brother forgot to tell me. To see the entire porno video clip that Josh made of his little sister, forward Little Hannah, be sure to check out www.bringmeyoursister.com

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Sadie West – Wet Little Cunt Images

Sadie West Sadie West

Sadie West @ BlacksOnBlondes.com This week we return to cell block A where we see sexy guard Sadie West on a power trip to show 2 black inmates who’s the boss. She gets a little too cocky, and they manage to grab her through the bars, and strip off her clothes. She finally gets the point across that she was trying to get them to fuck her all along! She goes into the cell with them, then things heat up to sizzling very rapidly. The fucking and sucking is so intense and misbehaving in this film, that we’re calling it the white hot scorcher of the year! Sadie gets her wet little cunts pulverized and her throat abused so violently that I had to walk away for a few minutes while editing this meat grinder of a film! I’d bet real coin she couldn’t walk or talk normally for at least a few days!

Sadie West Sadie West

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I Like To Watch – Call Me Voyeur – Warm Little Cunt

KiriStarr CandiceComer bgg xxx voyeur teen amateur brunette blonde fm masturbation gnd orgy skinny pltsNot all the people in Colorado Springs are prude church goers – some of us like to fuck – and some of us even like to watch our boyfriends fuck! Whenever Richard throws a party, someone is getting naked and more than likely, we’ll all getting laid too. It started in the hot tub when Richard and Logan started fucking Kiri Starr. Kiri is only 18 so can’t drink but this little coed bitch doesn’t need to be drunk to fuck like the little ho she is. Richard and Logan fucked her pretty hard but the little cunt wanted more so after we all got out of the hot-tub, Russ and I invited her to the bedroom where I grabbed a vibrator and Russ grabbed Kiri. Being a monstrous voyeur, I like to watch my man fucking other teenagers. This time, I just followed them into the bedroom from the hot tub, grabbed a vibrator and sat in the corner and watched Russ fuck Kiri. I may be a bit weird, but Kiri’s boyfriend was filming it all – guess he has a bit of voyeur in him too.

So, I’m sitting there masturbating as I watch my man fuck the little bitch, her boyfriend is filming and Richard walks in with a sexy little "butterface" and he hands her a camera. This poor babe had never watched anyone else fuck and now she was thrown into filming our little orgy – she couldn’t leave because she couldn’t set the vid camera down. Richard took the unclad pics and the new babe (never saw her before so I don’t know her name) filmed her first orgy. After Kiri’s second orgasm, and my third, I set the vibrator down and let Russ fuck me like a little tramp as Kiri played with my clitoris. Russ then shot a huge load of hot sperm all over me. The new babe was all embarrassed, Logan had a throbbing hardon, Richard was still taking pictures, and the three of us were all fucked out!

Later that night, Richard fucked the “butterface”, Russ fucked me again, then Russ and Richard did a double-penetration on Kiri. I tell you, Colorado teenagers know how to party!

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Massive Black Schlongs – Little Cunt Gets Wet

Massive Black Cocks Massive Black Cocks
Massive Black meat @ BarbCummings.com
I have to admit that it’s exceptional having my own site. I get to chose the massive black meat to invade my cunt. In fact, could have a itty bitty white cock but they never get hard enough and leave me longing for more. I heard a rumor that Ice Cold and Jason Brown pack nearly a foot each! I had Ice Cold fuck me into oblivion and drained his sack deep into my white wet cunt. However, my pink fuckhole needed much more so Jason Brown stepped up to the plate in hopes that an interracail creampie from him would do the trick just in case Ice Cold’s seed didn’t make it’s way through my fallopian tubes. Negro seed is the only one for me. I’m now on the way to the pharmacy to get one of those pregnancy tests. My family back place would be so proud.
Massive Black Cocks Massive Black Cocks

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Welcome Korene – Hot Wet Cunt!

brunette bnts pussy tattooed colorado sfm gnd
Everyone meet the sexy brunette with first-class natural tits – Korene! A ridiculously beautiful babe from Colorado with some ridiculously nice cans. Korene spent a week with me out here teaching me new tricks on how to cook chicken and uh…well, fucking lots of people too. It was pretty rad. Give her your warmest welcome!


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Errant Colorado Teen Shows Her Cunt For The First Time – Little Cunt Pictures

Jayda had never undressed for the camera before but as soon as I got her dressed up in her cute Indian outfit, she was so excited that she just had to show us her shaved little cunt and her firm coed titties. I have this real cool Indian Tipi in my back yard and all the neighbor teens are just dieing to come over and see it. This was the case with Jayda – so I told her I would love to take a few picture of her in the tipi. Of course, I planed on getting her clothes off the whole time and I’m pretty sure she knew this when she came over. I’ll share a few of the bare vid films here but for the DVD quality vid, you’ll have to check out Jayda’s first bare shoot on RealColoradoGirls.com

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Jayda’s is one of the cutest teenage models that I’ve ever known. She looks super cute even with no makeup and even cuter when she her firm coed thighs and flashes her shaved coed wet cunt. Fuck, what I would give to slide my throbbing penis deep in her little cunt. But I wander….  Jayda had a lot of fun doing her first bare vid and decided to come back a number of times after this. I have bare and lesbo pictures and shoots of her on two of my sites at www.glassmannequin.com and www.realcoloradogirls.com – you should check them out.

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Also – be sure to bookmark this page as I’ll be adding the last 4 films of Jayda in her first bare shoot in the morning. Or if you can’t wait, I have the entire DVD quality vid on www.realcoloradogirls.com right now – check it out!

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